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“21 Days to Happier Ways” Romford course runner explains how to be more positive

A positive psychologist from Romford is running a course helping people to beat the blues.

She joined Time 107.5 yesterday (Monday, 21 January) which has been dubbed “Blue Monday.”

It’s because it’s the time of the year when people go back to work after a festive period full of partying and eating. 

But, Positive Psychologist, Denise Mortimer, says “everyday we wake up is a pretty good day.” 

According to Denise, 40% of our feelings of happiness are within our control. 

“Only 10% is down to what we think it’s down to. We all go ‘oh I’m gonna get that new car, get that job. I’ll be happy when…’ and then fill in the blank.”

She says there are plenty of methods we can use to take control of our mental health. 

“One of the biggest ways we can shift our state is by expressing gratitude for the things we have. 

“We take so many things for granted but it’s about recognising the little things like waking up in a warm house.” 

She advised people to “list three things” and added thinking about one person you’re particularly grateful for can help as well. 

“Set some powerful intentions for the day. Focus on the things will bring you the most joy.

“If you have encounters you’re stressed about, imagine them acting out in a positive way.” 

It’s also important to help people in a worse position than yourself, she said. Acts of kindness make both you and another person feel better according to Denise who added that anyone you help may decide to pass on that kindness to someone else. 

“One of the things you can do for free is start practicing meditation. It’s as easy as going on YouTube and searching for various forms of mediation to deal with anti anxiety, finding love or making more money.” 

“When you listen to it consistently, it rewires your brain like magic,” but it’s not just for hippies, she added.   

Her course “21 Days to Happier Ways” is entirely online and provides people with bite size chunks that can help improve their mental health. 

It runs in February and costs £21. 

She said: “It’s such a small task you need to do but it can have the biggest impact on your day.” 

You can find out more at: https://denisemortimer1.clickfunnels.com/optin25192167


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