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Romford engineer discusses search and rescue work to break

An engineer from Romford is trying to dispel stereotypes surrounding the profession after research revealed three quarters of young people don’t know what they do. 

A new study shows most online pictures display engineers as white men wearing hard hats and that the profession is seen as too “technical” and “boring” by young people. 

Structural engineer Josh Macabuag, from Romford, is hoping to disprove these stereotypes by sharing his experiences travelling the world working with search and rescue teams. 

Like many people, he did not know a lot about engineering when he first started studying. However, while volunteering in rural South Africa for a year he saw the difference roads and buildings can have on peoples lives. 

Josh later helped investigate the aftermath of a tsunami in Japan which inspired him to research and design buildings which can survive natural disasters. 

In his free time he also volunteers with Saraid to help with search and rescue efforts following natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. 

“There’s always a major risk because you’re dealing with collapsed buildings in a disaster zone where there might be aftershocks,” Joshua told Time 107.5. 

 “The engineering skill set is particularly important in trying to safeguard the lives of the team members who are in the buildings trying to rescue the people who are trapped inside.

“When I see a disaster on TV I find it more motivating to continue pushing down the engineering route and actually try to apply the skill set to alleviate the suffering of people who have been affected by disasters.” 

Josh now also advises the World Bank and other organisations on how to mitigate disaster risk. He described engineering as a varied profession that can take you anywhere you want it to. 


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