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Commendation ceremony held for police and citizens in Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge

Officers and citizens received their awards at the ceremony on Friday

Police officers and citizens from across Havering, Barking and Dagenham, and Redbridge have been honoured at a commendation event.

Awards were given to those selected at the East Area Command Commendation Ceremony, held at The Hallmark Hotel in Woodford, on Friday, 14 February.

Individuals across the three boroughs who had shown outstanding dedication and went above and beyond their duties were recognised.

Special guests attending included Redbridge Mayor, Cllr Zulfiqar Hussain, Havering Deputy Mayor, Cllr John Mylod and Barking and Dagenham Mayor, Cllr Peter Chand.

Andrei Corduneanu was one of the citizens recognised after helping police assist to a Romanian man who was on top of some scaffolding near Barking station.

Andrei, who is also Romanian, offered to act as an interpreter. He went up the scaffolding and, along with police, helped convince the man to come down.

The 32-year-old had been on his way to work when he stepped in to help and stayed there for several hours until the man was safe.

Commendation awards were handed out by BCU Commander, Detective Chief Superintendent Stephen Clayman.

He said: “We don’t say enough about the great work that we do; to see and hear some of the inspiring stories and dedication that some of the officers have shown is incredible.

“It just goes to show the amount of work that’s going on; I don’t think many residents appreciate the breadth of work and seriousness of the stuff, the great results the officers get and bravery they show too.

“It’s lovely to be able to commend Andrei and what he did to save someone’s life. It’s incredible and we also commended someone from Barking and Dagenham council aswell. Let’s not forget all this happens with all our partners too across the three boroughs.

“It really is a collective responsibility; we’re part of a bigger community machine.”

PC Allan Parker, who is based in Barking and Dagenham, picked up two commendations. The first one was for an incident in which, while he was off duty, PC Parker noticed a man walking into traffic on a busy dual carriageway and helped to save his life.

He said: “I saw this in my rearview mirror. I stopped my car in the fast lane, got out, grabbed hold of him and we both ended up on the floor in the middle of the dual carriageway.

“Cars were coming at us. I managed after a struggle to drag him off to the side of the road.

“It’s quite a selfless job that we do, not just me but there are loads of officers here today that have carried out loads of selfless acts of bravery, doing what we do; we do it because we love doing it.

“It’s more than just a job but it’s nice, and especially when you see members of the public getting recognised for helping us out; it shows how grateful as an organisation the Met police are and how integral the public’s role is in supporting us with what we do on a day-to-day basis.”

PC Mark Simpson, from the police investigative team in Romford, was recognised for his bravery and work on the night of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

At the time, PC Simpson worked in Kensington and Chelsea. He had just finished his shift when he heard what had happened and went to help.

“The pictures in the newspapers and media are nothing to how it was like on the day, it was like something out of a movie.”

“The harrowing point for me was when I was left alone with 80 people; some were having a go, some were crying on my shoulder, some needed medical assistance, that was hard especially on my own.”

The full list of those who received awards are below:

PC Allan Parker was awarded for ‘bravery and determination shown in saving the life of a suicidal male.’

PC Paul Delivett and PC Chris Emmery were awarded for ‘professionalism, perseverance and teamwork in saving the life of a male.’

PS Kerry Owen was awarded for ‘professionalism, emotional resilience and compassion displayed while acting as an escort to victims and families of the Grenfell Tower Fire.’

PC Suzanne Underdown, PC Joe Livermore, PC Sam Burrill, and PC Yuksel Salih were awarded for ‘professionalism, determination and teamwork to save the life of a male while securing evidence and witnesses.’

PC Marc Spurrell was awarded for professionalism, bravery and determination to save the life of a young male.

PC Samantha Lloyd, PC Thomas Delaney, PC Patrick Alder, and PC Allen Hales were awarded for ‘professionalism and bravery in dealing with a hostile situation while trying to save the life of a victim.’

PC George Hobbrough and PC Allan Parker were awarded for ‘extreme bravery shown in detaining a dangerous and very violent sexual offender.’

DS Colin Stow was awarded for ‘exceptional investigative ability, victim support and commitment in ensuring that a very dangerous and violent male was convicted of a serious offence.’

DC Lucy Chapman, DC Kathryn Lyons, PC Benjamin Perchard, and PC Richard Harris were awarded for ‘professionalism, tenacity and dedication to safeguarding victims of Domestic Abuse.’

PC Mark Simpson was awarded for ‘professionalism, emotional resilience and bravery shown in self-deploying to the Grenfell Tower Fire and providing valuable assistance to the London Fire Service and members of the public.’

T/DC Samantha Cocker was awarded for ‘professionalism, resilience and determination to remove a dangerous offfender of Domestic Abuse from the public.’

Mr Andrei Corduneanu was awarded for ‘bravery, courage and compassion displayed while assisting the police with saving the life of a suicidal male.’

Penny Taberman, from Barking and Dagenham Council, and PC Graeme Halleron were awarded for ‘professionalism and dedication in supporting young people across Barking & Dagenham.’

PC Dave Bunn was awarded for ‘compassion, professionalism and dedication to the community in supporting a terminally ill young boy and his family.’

PC Steve Mahoney was awarded for ‘professionalism and dedication in dealing with a serious fire.’

PC Kayleigh Grafton and PC Emma Morris (now retired) were awarded for ‘professionalism, courage and compassion in supporting a male in a mental health crisis.’

DC Omolola Olanike Beckles was awarded for ‘professionalism, tenacity and dedication in ensuring an incredibly dangerous individual was removed from contact with the public.’

T/DC Dean Smith was awarded for ‘investigative quality of an exceptional standard above and beyond experience.’

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