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Upminster couple to buy first property after winning £10,000 a month

Rich and Kim Pearson are also planning to visit family in New Zealand (credit: Camelot) 

A couple from Upminster will be able to step onto the property ladder after winning the National Lottery. 

Kim Pearson, 33, and husband Rich, 30, won £10,000 a month for a whole year after matching the five main numbers in the Set For Life draw on Monday, 11 May. 

“I play the lottery every now and then and usually just Lotto so I’ve no idea why I decided to try my luck with the Set For Life draw that night,” said Kim. 

She was walking their rescue dog Loki before work when she saw an email on her phone with news about her ticket. 

“I assumed it was a few quid so didn’t bother to check it properly until later that morning when I was back at my desk. I logged on and saw it was just a bit more than a few quid!”

Kim sat at her desk starring at the screen for a good two minutes before running up the stairs and jumping on her husband, screaming “we’ve won the lottery!” 

The winners celebrating with champagne (credit: Camelot)

Rich, a key worker in the infrastructure sector, said: “I had been working a night shift so was in the deepest sleep when Kim jumped on me.”

“I had no idea what she was on about to begin with but it quickly sunk in when she showed me her phone and how much we’d won. 

“It was certainly one of the more surreal starts to the day!”

The couple have been saving to buy their first home for a while now but they had to make an exception for a very special dog: 

“For a couple of years we’ve put all the luxuries, like meals out and holidays, on hold so we could save for a deposit but when we saw Loki needed a home he became our essential, not luxury,” explained Kim. 

They are hoping to find a nice garden for rescue dog Loki (credit: Camelot)

“We can’t help thinking that maybe fate decided to help give us a home because we’d given Loki his forever home.

“It has given us a step up that we otherwise wouldn’t have had for a couple of years. It’s not cheap to get on the property ladder as most people know. This has helped us out so much.”

However, the couple have not been able to celebrate properly with friends and family because of the coronavirus lockdown.

“We will definitely be treating everyone, and we may think about a holiday to see family in New Zealand but all that is some way off. So for now, we will keep ourselves safe, keep Loki entertained and out of mischief, and crack on with our house hunt,” added Kim.


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