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Cyclists light up Barking and Dagenham for GLOW festival

Volunteers helped spread a message of hope at the weekend (Credit: Richard Johnson)

People in Barking and Dagenham have decorated their bikes with lights and speakers as part of the second installation of the GLOW festival. 

Luke Jerram’s ‘Lullaby’ saw groups of cyclists enjoy a night-time ride while playing lullaby music through speakers at the weekend.

The volunteers all helped spread some cheer to the local community while also enjoying some exercise in the evening. 

Participants customised their bikes for the event (Credit: Richard Johnson)

Luke is a British multidisciplinary artist who creates sculptures, installations, and live artworks. He recently created a glass sculpture of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. 

Glow festival launched with the Global Rainbow installation, an array of lasers beamed into the night sky in the pattern of a rainbow, on Friday, 2 April.

It was designed by Yvette Mattern and the lights were beamed from the top of CU London until Monday, 5 April. People as far as the World’s End Estate in Chelsea could reportedly see them. 

Local residents are now being told to keep an eye out for the third and final installation of the festival. 

The beams could be seen for miles (Credit: Richard Johnson)

The project is being run by Creative Barking and Dagenham Cultural Connectors with the aim of illuminating the borough and spreading a message of hope and togetherness. 

It has been designed to ensure people do not need to congregate to view the installations. 

In addition to the artworks, creative activity packs have also been distributed to more than 40,000 children and young people. 

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