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The Circle’s Billy Dawson helps launch campaign against online abuse

Billy Dawson is encouraging everyone to think before they send horrible messages to people on the internet 

A man from Romford who appeared in “The Circle” has joined his co-stars in launching a campaign against online abuse. 

Billy Dawson, of Romford, received a lot of hate messages and some of his fellow contestants were even sent death threats after appearing on the Channel 4 programme this year. 

He explained people sent them messages saying “you’re the worst person live on air” and “you’re the most boring person ever” and said these were the PG versions. 

The group has rallied together to launch the #ThinkB4UPost campaign which is aimed at raising awareness about the negative impact such comments can have. 

“You could have ten followers on Instagram or a thousand or a million, it doesn’t matter,” said Billy. “We still see negative comments and hate and it affects us just the same as it would anyone else.

“We understand if you put yourself in the limelight on TV you are going to get things like this but going online and checking Instagram DMs or Facebook messages and just seeing constant hate or horrible messages, it does really get to people.” 

Billy said the internet allows people to “put up a fake persona online and sit behind a keyboard and send whatever they like”. 

“The internet gives people a certain level of confidence they wouldn’t have in real life,” continued Billy. 

“I don’t like everyone but I would never go online and start hating on people or sending them horrible messages.”

#ThinkB4UPost is being supported by The Circle which has shared a video on social media encouraging people to be kind and remember everyone has feelings. 

“We just want to make more people aware that the words they say do hurt people and to think before they post,” added Billy. 

He explained he wants people to question “would I like that to be said to me? How would I react if someone said that to me about my post or my family or something I have said?”

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