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Police trial court orders to stop knife crime in London

The trial will last for 14 months 

Police have begun testing court orders aimed at stopping people as young as 12 from carrying a knife in London.

A Knife Crime Prevention Order (KCPO) can be imposed on anyone who is known to regularly carry a blade or who has been convicted of a knife-related offence. 

The aim of the 14 month trial is to prevent vulnerable people from becoming serious criminals and being drawn into violence. 

Anyone who is subject to a KCPO can be stopped from associating with certain people, restricted from certain areas and set curfews. 

They may also be required to attend educational courses, life skills programmes, group sports, drug rehabilitation and anger management classes.

Commander Ade Adelekan said: “Knife Crime Prevention Orders will allow police more options and will be a valuable tactic in preventing and tackling violence in London.

“They will allow intervention at an early stage and divert vulnerable people at risk of becoming serious criminals by supporting them to make better lifestyle changes away from violence.

“Also, they will enable police to monitor the individual and enforce the law on them if they breach it.”

If the pilot is a success, it will be introduced to every police force in the UK.

Tom Gaymor is an ambassador for DIVERT, a custody programme designed to help 18 to 25-year-olds stop offending and find employment or education. 

He said KCPOs will be an “invaluable tool” in protecting young people from serious violence. 

“Unlike previous orders KCPOs do not need a previous conviction to be imposed and can also be used before young people develop gang affiliations,” explained Tom. 

“The emphasis is on diversion and development and not punishment, and with that hope and opportunity is not burdened by a criminal record.”

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