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Campaigners oppose double decker buses creating cracks in Rainham homes

Campaigners held a demonstration on Saturday (Credit: Dennis Clark)

Homes in Rainham are being damaged by the constant flow of double decker buses according to local residents. 

People living in Berwick Road have warned the vehicles are so heavy they cause vibrations that create cracks in their houses. 

Dennis Clark, 73, told Time 107.5 FM there are eight buses, on the 287 and 165 routes, going down the road every hour for 20 hours a day. 

“The cracks go right through the wall so you’ve got a crack on either side,” explained Dennis.

Cracks have appeared in the ceilings and walls of multiple homes (Credit: Dennis Clark)

“The front wall is a hairline crack but it goes right the way through from outside to inside and the bathroom is the same. It’s the crack that goes up from the doorway to the ceiling.”

Campaigners are calling on Transport for London (TfL) and Stagecoach to take the double decker buses off the 287 route from Upminster Road North to the terminus at Abbey Wood Lane. 

Local MP Jon Cruddas met with TfL on behalf of the residents more than a week ago but they have still not changed their plans.  

“I have been asking TfL to properly address this problem for residents,” said Cruddas. “They should carry out an assessment of damage caused by such heavy vehicles in residential roads.

Large cracks have formed (Credit: Dennis Clark)

“I have also put to TfL that there is a solution that will save money for TfL’s budget that is under great stress, cut emissions and help improve air quality and would maintain a bus service for the whole area with a frequency of a single deck bus every 12 minutes. That service would be more than adequate in relation to the low passenger numbers that travel at this end of the route.”

Dennis explained residents are hesitant to get anything repaired until the problem has been fully resolved. 

They blocked Abbey Wood Lane for an hour on Saturday to protest TfL’s inaction and said further demonstrations would be held if they do not get a response. 

TfL did not respond to Time 107.5 FMs request for comment. 

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