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1,000 people sign petition against fortnightly bin collections in Havering

Havering Council is considering plans to introduce wheelie bins

More than 1,000 people have signed a petition calling for bin collections to remain weekly in Havering.

The local council is planning to make collections fortnightly as it tries to tackle a a 70 million pound budget gap over the next four years.

Romford councillor, David Taylor, said he started the petition after residents raised concerns over rats, something he has first-hand experience with.

“Our flat has communal bins, which are already overflowing every week,” said Taylor. “This attracts rats, which have come into our home.

“Fortnightly collections will make this much worse. Many of my residents live in flats, or homes, with nowhere to store rubbish for two weeks.”

Havering Council estimates the plans would save £650,000 a year but they are also looking to introduce wheelie bins and it is unclear how much that would cost.

“The Council’s consultation states that fortnightly collections will save money, but it then goes on to say everyone will be given wheelie bins,” added Taylor.

“I asked the council the cost of those bins and they couldn’t give me a reply. This proposal is an uncosted-fantasy that will cause chaos across Romford.”

The council is currently running an online consultation on its budget plans but Taylor believes it does not ask the right questions and is not user friendly.

“Residents have to scroll through four pages of numbers before they get to the proposals,” he added. “They are then given an uncosted proposal and asked if it ‘impacts them’.

“The consultation should ask whether people think it’s a good idea. Plenty of things don’t impact me but are also a really bad idea.

“I have, however, ensured that everyone who signs the petition is directed to the official consultation”.

The petition will be presented to Full Council on Wednesday, 23 November. Residents can sign it online here.

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