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BREAKFAST SHOW BLOG – Doug the Pug, fruit cake and cheese and a Flake Shortage!

We celebrated ‘Doug the Pug”s 9th birthday today! This Social Media sensation has millions of followers- are you one of them? We also asked you what other famous dogs can you name?
This week – Paul McCartney is still raving about his Eye Yoga – have you ever tried it? And he says he enjoys a hot Yorkshire Pudding with Syrup for and Fruitcake with Cheese! Have you got any food that takes you back to your childhood?
The UK is facing a shortage of Cadbury’s 99 Flakes after a surge in demand for Ice Creams topped with the chocolate treat.
How can we fix the flake shortage??
After seeing a funny story in the Daily Star today about a Pony drinking in a pub We want you to complete this sentence ‘A _____ WALKS INTO A PUB AND _____’ Let’s add some more cheesy jokes to Neil’s repertoire shall we!!
 And ‘Amazing Spaces’ Presenter George Clarke managed to sell his chest hair for over £300 on Ebay after his soundman put it up as a joke! Do you have a famous or sentimental lock of hair at home. Which celebs hair would you want some of??
If you have any suggestions for future debates then get in touch!
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