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Through the Night

With All Time Favorites

in to week 3 with Easter temptations.

As week 3 begins i am surrounded by Easter eggs and the smell of chocolate but feeling very motivated.

The scales this morning told me i have lost 8 Pounds in 2 weeks so all the hard work is paying off. Still not actually running yet just walking every morning then 1/2 hour in the gym on the cross trainer of an evening, oh yes and eating a lot less and i mean a lot less. I am not sure what the hardest part is the lack of food, the no smoking or working out in the gym. I have never been a gym fan but i have to say the gym at the new Sapphire Ice and Leisure in Romford is very friendly and i don’t feel out of place, still i don’t enjoy it but its working so its worth it.

Mark is also in the Gym everyday but he is working more with a personal trainer doing things like HIT training boxing and weights. I am not at that level yet and still trying to build my basic fitness before i try to run. Marks been running and has already clocked up an impressive 5 miles.

Dean has also been in the gym quite a bit but his work pattern is really difficult and he also keeps bringing in really bad food like this :

I am thinking of banning food in the office what do you all think ?

Tom is off for a few weeks on his Holidays so he will be missed, Gabby is still walking and doing a bit in the gym, Haydn says he is training but i have seen no evidence as yet… Rob Jones has signed up and will be running as well  so he will be training soon that makes 7 of us . I will keep you all updated on our progress.


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