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Starving and tired!

So it’s been a few weeks now (five weeks, two days and 20 hours to be exact) and although I am doing well, I still don’t feel any better. In fact, I am constantly tired and always hungry! I can, however,walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing and also manage to tie my shoe laces without pulling a muscle.

I have been a bit on my own with this for the past few weeks. Mark has an injury so he has not trained for two weeks, Tom has been on holiday, Gabby keeps saying she will start soon and Haydn says he is working out at home but I am still not sure I believe him! Dean Kayne is the only other person i have seen going to the gym but his eating habits are still shocking. 

So if this seems like it’s all about me that will be because it is a bit. 

I have as of today lost 16 pounds. I am really pleased with the weight loss, it seems easier with the exercise. In the past, I have always yo-yo dieted, but I have never done the right thing and combined diet and exercise. This time, I am. My diet is just low-fat, low-carb and I am eating chicken, vegetables and a small amount of rice for lunch EVERYDAY. Yep, the same thing EVERYDAY! It suits me though because it takes my choices away.

Evenings are bit more eclectic and also harder to stick to but my plan is to have salads and stir fry with no carbs. I have not really stuck to that very well and Pizza Hut on Monday was most certainly not on plan but the exercise I am doing seems to soften the blow of any food mishaps I have.

I have been drinking a lot of hot water and lemon; it seems to help suppress my appetite and it’s also really hydrating.

I am walking for 45 mins about 3.5k every morning with the dog. I intend at some point to start running in the mornings but I don’t want to run too soon and end up injured. I am also going to the gym at least five times a week. I aim for every night but life sometimes just does not allow for it so as long as i can do five times a week I think I am achieving what I need.

I have progressed from 20 minutes in the gym to 45 now and I need to get that up to an hour. It’s not as boring as I thought it would be, but I really am looking forward to getting out and running. Here is my gym face joined_video_edf5d9fbf24542638db2dcf2e1c4c1d3

Next time I hope to be able to tell you all about how these magical endorphins have kicked in and energised me, turning me into a gym addict.

Thanks for reading.


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