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Training is key !

So this running stuff is not really going according to plan for me. I can’t seem to find a balance just when I think I am doing well something happens and puts me back. Currently it’s my hip that’s hurting and my shins are not too good when I run. They were good for a week, so I thought I had got over the Shin Splints but on Saturday they just came back.

As you can see I got up to 2 miles last week not very fast but done it, then it all went wrong so I feel like I have gone backwards a bit. Its funny how easy it is to slip backwards compared to how hard it is to get going.


The rest of the team seem to be doing well and Mark has got his training back on track after his knee injury.

Here’s one of his runs, as you can see he is really doing well but we all have a lot of work still to do.


Gabby I think is lagging a bit, not herd her mention training at all. Rob Jones is taking it all quite seriously, no burgers for him !  and apart from still eating a load of rubbish Dean Kayne seems to be enjoying the training. Haydn is the dark horse in this, no one really knows what he is doing so he is either going to surprise us all and sprint the 13 miles or collapse 1 mile in.

Tom Goldsmith is just doing his usual training and probably secretly laughing at us all knowing he has a full marathon run from last year under his belt and a regular running regime Mo Farah would be proud of !


We will be back at Sapphire Ice and Leisure in Romford next Tuesday for a group training session, so I am hoping it will be a bit motivating. Apparently some of the Everyone Active team will be joining us so that will be good.


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