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Police Bravery Award for heroic Waltham Forest officer

PC Stuart Outten was handed the award by National Police Federation Chair John Apter (Pic- Andreson Photography)

A Metropolitan Police Officer has won the National Police Bravery Award following his heroic policing in Waltham Forest. 

PC Stuart Outten won the award at the 25th Police Federation Bravery Awards on Tuesday 12, October.

He was on a night shift in August 2019 when he pulled a van over in Leyton for having no insurance. 

Once the driver stopped, he got out and shouted at both PC Outten and his colleague before trying to get back in his vehicle and drive off. 

PC Outten made an attempt to stop him before the driver lashed out, striking PC Outten twice in the face. 

He describes then having a wet feeling on his hand before realising it was in fact his own blood following an attack with a 2ft machete. 

Upon realisation of the weapon, he warned his colleague before discharging his taser. 

His first shot failed but remarkably, despite falling to the ground and still be attacked by the machete, he was able to discharge a second shot which successfully stopped the attacker. 

PC Outten was then rushed to hospital and treated for his injuries, these included six deep wounds to his head, a fracture to his skull, two wounds to his right arm as well as fractured fingers.

Speaking after the incident, PC Outten said: “What happened that day will always stay with me, I’ll always have that memory of how a plain and simple job can escalate into you having to fight for your life.

“As soon as I realised I’d been attacked with a machete, I just knew that I needed to stop him or he would kill me. I’ve been Taser trained since 2013 and luckily my training kicked in. When the first shot didn’t work, I remember thinking that if the second one didn’t work, that would be it and I’d be dead, but thankfully it did.

“I’ve had amazing support from my management, colleagues, family, and friends. I would like to thank the members of the public who helped me on that evening.”

Police Federation National Chair John Apter, who handed over the Bravery trophy to PC Stuart Outten, said: “We have the finest police officers in the world – dedicated public servants who, without hesitation, put themselves in danger to protect others. 

“They are humble, professional, and committed individuals who I am proud to call my colleagues. 

“Police officers are everyday heroes who are anything but ordinary. My congratulations go to PC Stuart Outten and all the Police Bravery Awards nominees. They deserve every bit of recognition they receive.”

Despite the life-changing injuries that PC Outten sustained in the attack, he is back working; now based in the Met’s Roads and Transport Policing Command.

PC Darren Jenkins, who suffered horrendous head injuries as he tried to arrest a man in Waltham Forest, was also recognised for his courage at the awards ceremony.

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