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    Alice'S BLOG

    BOREDOM AND BABIES!!! 13 Sep 2018

    This week on the Big Breakfast Debate we learned that the average Briton spends 5 years of their life feeling bored!! That’s 2 hours a day!

    (Listen again to hear what came out top in your list of mundane tasks, I TOTALLY agree with number 1!!)


    In between work I’ve been doing my taxes ready for my accountant to decipher, I can tell you now that THAT is a boring job!! Suprised it didn’t end up on the list.


    The most exciting thing to happen recently is that I’ve become an Auntie!!  My sister gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy this month and on seeing him I promptly burst into tears of joy!

    He is utterly gorgeous and my sister is doing very well! It’s a very moving time and any auntie related tips are more than welcome!


    Keep things exciting and don’t get bored!





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