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    Chumbawumba, drunken road signs, THAT wig and the N-act Theatre Stage 12 Apr 2019

    Did you know that Mumford and Sons made up their band name in 30 minutes after a few drinks at the pub!

    And Engelbert Humperdinck’s real name is Arnold Dorsey!- he names himself after a German Composer!!

    I love finding out random facts on the breakfast show, people will contact us with the best stories and we really do love them!


    We also got a long list of silly band and stage names from you and they were BRILL! Splodgenessabounds, Terry dactyl & the dinosaurs, KonKrete Gerbil just to name a few!!


    Earlier this month we dressed up in did fancy dress to raise awareness for Autism and I got to wear my ‘Britney Spears’ wig for the 3rd time haha!! Following it’s outing at a  fun 1920’s flapper party on a boat on the Thames! Rather fitting as today we talked about boozy regrets following the Mumford and Sons ‘regret’ story, thankfully no silly stories from that party. But I’ve definitely nicked a few road signs whilst at Uni wearing fancy dress…


    As well as enjoying the breakfast show,  I’ve been helping support the Village Green Festival in Leigh on Sea on the 13th July.

    I’ll be performing as part of N-act theatre and have been part of the team promoting the special stage for performers that N-act have created!


    Check it out at the link below!











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