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Fab Feburary! 25 Feb 2020

BE A GOOD EGG is here!


Don’t forget to bring in your eggs to TIME 107.5 at the Liberty Shopping Centre, so we can treat underprivileged children this Easter- we need them by Friday 3rd April!


Feb has been fun!


– More tours with N-act and our Mental Health and Anti-Gang and knife crime plays to schools around Essex, we may even be working with Thurrock council on a short film based on our Mental Health awareness piece INVISIBLE in May – if you’re interested in auditioning then contact info@n-acttheatre.co.uk for more information (It is a low budget paid casting) www.n-acttheatre.co.uk

We’re looking for students and men and women to play teachers, parents and other adult roles and will be holding auditions for actors (adults) in March in Thurrock We are also looking for young people to be part of this project. Due to safeguarding protection, however, we will only respond to parents/carers/schools whose profiles we recognise.


In other news

I baked two ….unsuccessful cakes…. I had LOTS of ingredients in the flat! But decided on some quick recipes that didn’t involve butter…. big mistake I think… One was clearly in the oven for too long (I’m sure the recipe said 20 mins!!)  and the other had a weird after taste LOL!


Back to the drawing board when it comes to baking then…


I’m working on another short film with Ark indie Productions THE WOODS NEAR JACOBS FARM.  Filming on location in Essex with some stunning backdrops, it’ll be an exciting challenge. (I’ve been practicing falls on crash mats! Ouch!)


As well as workshopping a few new plays and scripts for tv pilots. – It’s always nice to read new pieces of work!


I’ll also be visiting my family in Nottingham soon, which will be nice.  Anyone else from Nottingham?  The drive on a Friday won’t be fun, but my little car will manage.


So far I’ve not been back to pick that book I started in January back up again! BUT I am determined to read more!! Please send me your book recommendations.

And I’ve watched the Marie Kondo Netflix series to inspire me once more into the clear out. it’s going…slowly…  but at least it’s going!


I’ve caught up with BLADE RUNNER 2049 finally too! -The award winning cinematography of Roger Deakins (he won an Oscar for 1917) – highly recommended. I totally missed ALL of the Oscar nominations and winners, did you get to see any of them?? EVERYONE has been telling me 1917 and Parasite are amazing.


I’ve been losing Bangers or Smash quite badly… Sam is definitely in the lead at the moment. Got any songs you can recommend I use??

We’ve had great fun with some Big Breakfast Debates this month (Who knew we could talk so passionately about how our cutlery drawers are laid out!)


I hope your February has been a good one and enjoy those pancakes tonight!  Are you going for Sweet or Savoury??



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