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    BREAKFAST SHOW BLOG- Deano and the Big Historical Debates 11 Jan 2019



    You’ve survived the first part of 2019 and thank you for sharing it with us!


    Steve Dean has been in for Neil this week and will be in  next week too. We’ve covered a plethora of Big Breakfast Debate topics-  which included some interesting historical facts! (Deano loves a fun fact!)

    Here are just some of the things we’ve talked about:

     11th Jan is apparently the day when you’re most likely to think about looking for a new job. , lack of recognition and are the 3 main reasons . What would your ideal be? And what’s the WORST you’ve ever had?

      On the 10th Jan  in 1863 the first part of the officially opened! What can you give us that link with the ? ‘WATERLOO sunset’? ‘CIRCLES in the sand’?

     . On the 9th Jan 1854 the first free lending opened in . We’d like to hear about your local , got any that should have gone back by now?? (the first official one was opened in Manchester 2 years before!)

      Can you remember any useless or useful from your first ? Steve still remembers most of the on the and Lines!

    .  Steve admitted he cleans the whilst he is still in it (!) to save time and extra later on. What other could you share with us?

     A survey has found that almost half of children want their parents to spend more time with them this year. 60% of kids say they’re happier when they play with their mums & dads. What games did you used to play with your parents?


    Did you get involved? What WOULD you have offered as a suggestion for the above?

    Get in touch if you want to share a Big Breakfast Debate idea that we could use in the future

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    Deano be back at 6am on Monday morning!

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