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    BREAKFAST SHOW BLOG – The Great Storm, terrible soup and robot Boyfriends 16 Oct 2020

    We’ve had some interesting BIG BREAKFAST DEBATES recently!


    Gemma Collins has said she wants robot clones of her parents and her own robot boyfriend and baby!- Would you want a robot partner?

    We’ve got a petrol station in space being built for 2027!- What could be sold on the shelves??

    A TV food critic has said that Sid Owen’s MasterChef soup was the worst thing she’s ever tasted- What’s the worst thing you’ve ever tasted? 

    We wanted to find out if you were a Mod, Rocker, Punk or New Romantic.

    We discussed the Great Storm of 1987 

    And we talked about how nature programmes can lift our moods and ban boredom and what songs or TV shows cheer you up


    Listen again to our BIG BREAKFAST DEBATES every weekday morning between 8-9am on the Breakfast Show with Neil, Alice, Sam and Lianna


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