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Romford MP confirms plans to run for Mayor of London

Andrew Rosindell has confirmed that he will be seeking nomination to challenge Sadiq Khan in the London Mayoral race in 2020.

The Romford MP released a statement criticising the current Mayor of London.

It has not been confirmed if he will continue in his current role, which he has held for the last 17 years, should he win the race.

Rosindell has questioned numerous times whether his constituency should fall under the Greater London Authority.

He said: “A few hours ago, I submitted my nomination to become the Conservative Candidate for London Mayor.

“I took the final decision late last night having been approached by many London activists and have been nominated by a former Cabinet Minister and by a London Conservative Group Leader.

“The current Labour Mayor is going to have to justify his broken promises and explain why City Hall appears to have been abandoned on auto-pilot. The everyday concerns of hardworking people are being ignored.  London has to be governed better than this!

“We are seeing a frightening increase in knife crime across London, the cost of living, both in terms of housing and transport has not been addressed and the Mayor’s lack of confidence over the City’s ability to deal with BREXIT and a war of words with the President of the United States mean that we are underperforming as an international player. The current Mayor is wholly to blame for this and comes across as a man without a plan and in retreat.

“Transport for the whole of the London region, not just within the current Greater London boundaries will also be a priority for me, as well as making London a cleaner, greener and safer environment.

“We also need a radical new approach to Housing in London, which the Mayor has completely failed to deliver on.

“A post Brexit Mayor has to believe in both London and Britain to face the challenges ahead. We are an international, welcoming, enterprising and patriotic city, whose reach and potential is phenomenal and we need a Mayor that believes in more than just his own destiny.”

Rosindell is openly in favour of Brexit, something London as a whole was largely against.

The party’s status in the capital was damaged after the last mayoral election, in which they were accused of running a campaign with racist undertones.

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