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Time 107.5 DJ describes “hotel room shaking” in Morocco earthquake

Rubble fell from nearby walls to the hotel (pic: Dean Kayne)

Time 107.5 DJ Dean Kayne has described the moment “the room started shaking” in a Moroccan hotel following last week’s earthquake.

Dean, 52, from Basildon and his wife, Lorraine, 51, were among British tourists holidaying in the country when the 6.8 magnitude tremor struck around 45 miles southwest of the popular tourist destination of Marrakesh on Friday, 8 September.

More than 2,500 people are now known to have died in the tragedy since Friday.

The couple were staying at the five-star Kenzi Club Agdal Medina when they felt the impact of the earthquake.

Dean and his wife, Lorraine 

Dean said: “It was a crazy and surreal experience. The patio doors to the room we were in for the hotel just started shaking. It was a bit strange because we’d just got into bed, we didn’t know what was going on and then literally within seconds of thinking what was going on, the whole room started shaking and then we realised it was an earthquake and we just had to get outside.

“So we went outside into the court yard of the hotel and everyone else was out there with their kids, some with bags and then we saw that on the apartment block next to us, loads of the wall had come down and collapsed in front of the stairway.

“Luckily it was late at night so no one was walking around really.”

Glass smashed above the doors in the hotel foyer (pic: Dean Kayne)

The couple remain in Morocco until tomorrow.

“It’s a crazy time out here in Morocco, there’s a lot of subduedness going on at the moment.”

British rescue teams have joined efforts to continue to help those trapped in rubble.

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