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Day Time Show

With Mark Dover

BREAKFAST SHOW BLOG – #FLEXIT #SaveourBacon #Defineyourmusictastein7bands #BeeforChicken !!

Thank you for all of your amazing messages throughout the week- we’ve had lots of fun and discussed a LOAD of different topics

(WILL WE GET #FLEXIT TRENDING??- after our Halloween Brextention…)



#SAVEOURBACON – the price of bacon and pork is set to rise! We wanted pork related songs and YOU DELIVERED THE BACON!! Some great suggestions came in

We’ve discussed if you prefer Beef or  Chicken for your sunday roast.

What’s the oldest thing you own? Pamphlets from the 1600’s,  60 million year old shark teeth, WW1 were just some fantastic items you let us know about.

We discussed your favourite sitcom – as Fawlty Towers has been named the all-time best in a list of 20 British Sitcoms

We’re being told children are not spending enough time with parents playing and learning. What did you remember doing with your parents and why was it important to you?

And one of the world’s toughest vehicle emissions standards comes into force in London this week. Drivers of older, more polluting cars will have to pay £12.50 every time they enter the centre of the capital. What did you think the extra charge?

This week the high street store Debenhams has fallen into the hands of lenders – we remembered our favourite stores and talked about how we could save the high street.

and was trending on social media. What 7 bands / artists summed up your music taste?


Thanks once again for your input we love hearing from you!


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