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Sunday Breakfast

With Steve Dean

School antics, Children’s stories, The Romford Film Festival and INVISIBLE

What a fun week! We’ve had a right laugh looking for songs that link to a toy store, discussing school antics (How naughty you can be haha!) and children’s books of yesteryear. We learnt all about your favourite children’s books today and I can’t wait to go home and have a good read!

Outside of the Breakfast Show I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to!


This weekend 3 short films I’ve been part of will be shown at the Southend Film Festival and on the 9th June, two of those films will be shown at the ROMFORD FILM FESTIVAL! As part of their short film section from 10am.


HUMAN CARGO written and directed by Rory Joscelyne- produced and starring me!

”Set in a future where Britain has a system in place to regulate the birthrate, Joanna and Greg are police officers assigned to collect women who breach this law and take them into custody for emergency procedures”

A WALKING SHADOW written, directed by Bradley Barton – co directed and produced by me!

”When Rikki attends an audition for Macbeth she couldn’t dare to imagine the real reason of the tryout. Believing she’s alone, Rikki climbs onto the stage and begins practising a few lines, but is soon brought to an abrupt halt when the mysterious Sam appears and applauds her efforts. What follows is an encounter of fantastical proportions that will leave both Rikki and Sam changed and beyond compare.

A short film that will resonate with so many, A Walking Shadow is a dialogue-driven drama that empowers us all to manifest every thought, to express every feeling and to realise every dream”

Tickets for the festival 6-10th June



I’ve also been rehearsing to perform INVISIBLE with N-act theatre

‘Invisible’ is an important play about mental health – for all of us.

We are fast approaching the Showcase Performance of ‘Invisible’, N-Act’s new production! The performance is on Friday June 7th at 7.45pm in Leigh on sea. You can get tickets at https://www.tickettailor.com/events/nacttheatreinschools

The play touches on the very topical theme of mental health. Denny has written a blog to his 12-year-old self which he shares with the audience. Through a mixture of humour and pathos, we learn from his experiences when growing up. Denny’s story makes us think about perception, stigma, how to recognise if someone is suffering, how we can help, and when to call in the professionals. A touching and moving story which lifts our hearts. It is based on true stories and  research with Young Minds and Therapy for you.

Running time: 1 hour




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