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16-Year-old COVID survivor says it feels great to be doing things again

Areeb Khan has been forced to take a year out of school because of her hospital stay (Pic-BHRUT)

A Chadwell Heath teen who was given a 50/50 chance of survival says that it feels great to be doing things again. 

16-Year-old Areeb Khan spent several months in hospital after contracting COVID-19.

As TIME 107.5 reported in November, she became one of the youngest people in the country to receive ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation).

ECMO is a form of life support that adds oxygen to the patient’s blood while removing carbon dioxide and is only ever used as a last resort. 

Areeb was given a 50/50 chance when she was put on ECMO (Pic-BHURT)

Areeb first had symptoms of the virus at the end of July; she finally left hospital in November and was able to spend Christmas with her family.

She said, “I’m getting along fine and have improved a lot since I left hospital. I can walk more by myself and am getting much more independent.

“I’m having physiotherapy at home and going to appointments at Queen’s so I’m really concentrating on that and my recovery.”

Areeb has been forced to take a year out of her studies and will recommence her A-Levels in September, until then she is enjoying being able to live again. 

“I’ve also been getting out a lot with my family, especially over Christmas and New Year. We went to see the Christmas lights in London.

“It’s really nice to do normal things again after being in hospital so long. I think getting outside more also helps me get better.”

Areeb has been urging people to get their COVID vaccine in the hope that no one has to go through the ordeal that she has thought through. 

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