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TV actor Bill Murray warns of kidnap attempt on his grandchildren in Orsett

Bill Murray warned people of the incident on social media (credit: tiamichellemusic111)

Essex Police say patrols are taking place in Orsett after the TV actor Bill Murray claimed a group of men attempted to kidnap his grandchildren.

Speaking on social media, the ex Eastenders and The Bill actor said his daughter was out for a walk in Orsett over the weekend with her children when a group of men driving a black Audi A6 blocked her path.

Murray told his followers: “My daughter and my two grandchildren and her partner were out yesterday in a little tiny village just round the corner from our little farm. And they were just walking along and picking some wildflowers or whatever and she got kind of separated because a telephone call came for her partner and she just took it and he just stood there for a minute talking.

“A black Audi pulled up in front of her blocking the way she was walking. The driver got out and she could see through the screen that there was a passenger and three other guys sat in the back. And he walked up to her and he was very familiar with her or whatever, chatting to her. He was eastern European. It was a black four-door Audi A6.

“They kept looking at the children and she had this terrible fear, all of a sudden, come over her and she panicked and she called out to Mick.

“He looked over and saw exactly what was happening because the guys in the back and the passenger were getting out of the car to approach the children.”

Murray continued: “They were going to kidnap my grandchildren, that’s they assumed anyway. And as soon as Mick, her partner, saw it he yelled and screamed at them to run and he ran over.

“And as he ran over, because he was across the other side of the road, they all jumped in their car and squealed off – tyres burning, everything.

“Beware, they’re out there. There’s five guys in an Audi A6.

“Didn’t get the number but it’s been reported to the police. They said they can’t do anything because they never actually touched the children. But be warned, they out there.

“It’s happening in Basildon and Grays. People are reporting it on Facebook all the time. Please could you pass this on, I would appreciate it very much.”

@tiamichellemusic111 Reposting awareness this came up on my fb and it was very close to home as i grew up in grays and still live only 20 mins away from there keep our kids safe #awareness #mustsharenews #essex #grays #basildon #basildontown #mumsoftiktok #parentaoftiktok #fyp #fyp??viral @Jade Beavis @jeanallen369 ? original sound – Tia Michelle ?

In a statement, Essex Police said: “We received a call shortly after 12.35pm on Sunday, 9 April reporting concerns about an incident from around 3.30pm the previous day (Saturday 8 April).

“The caller reported three men – described as being in their mid-20s to mid-30s all with short dark hair, one wearing a leather jacket and another wearing a cap – in a black Audi A5 had engaged her in conversation as she crossed the road in The Green, Orsett.

“It was reported a door of the car opened but it wasn’t reported to us that anyone got out.
The caller stated her partner approached the vehicle and it drove off.

“No physical contact between any of those involved, or attempts at physical contact, was reported.
No further information about the car was disclosed.

“Based on the information provided no offences have been identified but the call has been noted for intelligence purposes.

“We know the public will be concerned by a video circulating online relating to this incident and high visibility patrols are taking place in the area.

“We are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any concerns or suspicious activity to us.”

If you have any information or concerns you can report them via the Essex Police online reporting services.
Please quote incident 474 of 9 April.

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